Mazik Support Offerings

Mazik offers a range of proactive support services to provide our customers with a flexible, responsive, and collaborative post-sales experience. Start with a base package and add services to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Basic Support

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Advanced Support

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Premier Support

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$5,000/mo.$12,000/mo.$25,000/mo.Rates below
Delivery Method
Remote ResourceXXX
On-Demand Offsite Resource $85/hr.
On-Demand Onsite Resource $165/hr.
Dynamics 36525hr./mo.50hr./mo.120 hr./mo.
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012 XX$2,000/mo.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM XX$1,500/mo.
Azure XX$1,500/mo.
Support TrainingXXX
Solution Assessment X$165/hr.
Reactive Support
Reactive Support RecommendationsXXX
Root Cause AnalysisXXX
Big Fix XX$165/hr.
Enhancements XX$165/hr.
Proactive Support
Proactive Support RecommendationsXXX
Preventative Actions XX$165/hr.
Health ChecksXXX
Performance Assessments X$165/hr.
Build Management
Build Release Management X$2,500/mo.
Source Control ManagementXXX
Support Team
Designated Support Engineer X$1,500/mo.
Designated Technical Architect X$1,300/mo.
Designated Functional Architect X$1,000/mo.
Support PortalXXX
Support Coverage and Response Times
24x7 Support Coverage XXN/A
1-Hour Response Time – Critical Issues XN/A
4-Hour Response Time – Minor Business Impact XXN/A
8-Hour Response Time – Non-Critical IssuesXXX
Program Management
Customer Account ManagerXXX
Weekly ReportsxXX
Additional Hours
Purchase Discount5%20%35%
Rollover Hours
Monthly XXN/A
Yearly XN/A
Support Training(Best Practices, Top Support Issues, Microsoft Customer Source, Support Tools)
Online2 hours8 hours N/A
Onsite 2 daysN/A
FREE 4-Hour Consulting Service
Business Analysis (Technology / Security) Review124
Digital Transformation Road Map124
Expert Advice on Solution Recommendation124
Disaster Recovery
Planning / Execution $195/hr.
Manage your business process with ease and take your customer service to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Mazik's industry-focused IP. Contact us today to learn how to begin your Digital Transformation.
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