Edmatix Student Information System

An easy-to-use software to help educational institutions save time, improve enrolment growth and fulfil their mission.

Edmatix school management software is a secured cloud-based system with suite of portals and apps for parents, students & staff, which helps schools monitor and manage everything related to administrative, academic, wellbeing and financial information.

This is the most comprehensive, advanced and all in one school erp software tailored for needs like Automation, Reporting, Student – Guardian Relationship Management, Student Discipline, Accounting & Tracking, just under one virtual roof. All our modules are made to fit within your needs, budget and goals.

School management is indeed a job with full of challenges, your student information system shouldn’t be one of them.

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Why Edmatix is an Excellent Choice?

End-to-End Solution

A one-stop solution for effective administration, monitoring student well-being, communication & billing.

Secure & Reliable

Your data is fully secured and backed up instantly onto our cloud servers.

Well Informed

Send instant email alerts & notifications to teachers or automated emails to parents to inform them about school activities.

Quick & Easy Scheduling

Scheduling a class, meeting or an event with Edmatix is easier than you think.

Any Academy or System

Edmatix supports all institution types and education at all levels.

 Effective Tracking & Reporting

Easy and constructive tracking of student attendance and performance for a successful learning environment.