Better, faster, smarter service to your community.

Take advantage of IoT and AI to make yours a Smart City. MazikCity takes your operations and service to your citizens to the next level.

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Empower your citizenry to connect and interact

The rapid pace of innovation and societal changes are presenting new challenges for cities. Government leaders are seeking new ways to become more efficient with public money, ensuring security-enhanced data, and delivering new services with greater engagement with citizens.

  • Easily and intuitively manage application and renewal processes
  • Support fully automated fees and payment processes online for contractors and business owners
  • Track city disruptions, citizen complaints & security issues
  • Track inspections and violations and coordinate remedies
  • Access and manage property ownership, inspection results, photos and more via mobile field devices
  • Transform and digitize assets maintenance, work orders and condition investigations
  • Enjoy mobile, field access to automated workflows, work orders, reports and more
  • Provide self-service functionality for citizens, business owners and city employees
  • Allow businesses to apply for or renew licenses remotely with or without internet access
  • Access utility bills for statements and payments

MazikCity is a community development application for permitting, business licensing, code enforcement, and maintenance management. MazikCity is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a full view of the city’s operations. This application will streamline and automate workflows to allow the city to be more efficient

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