The COVID-19 Back-to-Work Solution

CDC-compliant health tracking that gives employers real-time visibility into who is healthy enough to both rejoin and remain in the workplace.

Make staffing or business decisions faster, keep staff safe, and ensure your business keeps runs smoothly

Ensure your team returns to the workplace safely and confidently

Mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to staff and customers

At-risk employees know to self-isolate sooner, mitigating exposure to others

Act on work disruptions sooner

Gives you the power to keep business running smoothly

Instill trust and calm at work

Two-way communication reduces staff concerns with consistent messaging and notifications

Show commitment to a healthy workplace

Give employees and customers confidence your company is working hard to keep everyone safe

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Easy-to-use mobile app

Employees track symptoms, report COVID-19 exposure, or express concerns in one outlet

Reminders and alerts

Push notifications remind employees to log responses and alerts broadcast work notices

Employee Case Management

Easily monitor any employee’s health risk status over time

Workflow automation

Get alerted if an employee is showing symptoms or is newly cleared for work return

Simple data dashboards

Easy-to-read dashboards aggregate employee health data for real-time insights

Deploy in just 3 days

Get up and running in minimal time